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  • Fantastic nights sleep!

    We received our pillows over 2 weeks ago. These are far and away the best pillows we have ever slept on. My wife has stated she has not slept this well since she was a teenager!. We liked them so much, we have purchased additional pillows for our children. 

    Michelle & David Strauss

  • Haymaker! 

    I received two Haymaker pillows I couldn’t be happier.

    In regards to the club concept, I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before; if it has I’m not aware. The annual membership price is a great value and I get to look forward to two fresh pillows every year; among other “bennies.”

    Rich F.

  • Don't delay, buy now! 

    “Thought I’d never like anything more than your pillows, then I bought your mattress.”

    Katie T.

  • Consider me invested! 

    “I’ve spent 3 times this price on products that are NOWHERE near this quality!  Couldn’t be happier with my pillows!”

    Lizzy F.

  • I'm telling everybody!

    “I didn’t know what good sleep was until my TKO mattress arrived.  I paired it with the Knockout pillows and they live up to the name.

    Erin B.

  • We love our Pillows!

    The service was outstanding. We received our order quickly & it was accurate.
    We are both sleeping better on the most comfy, snuggly pillows we’ve ever had.

    Julie M.

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The Pillow-Fight Promise

The Pillow-Fight Promise

We are proudly committed to quality, sustainability, & affordability. We are asking you to Invest in your Rest™ and therefore we only make products of the highest quality and comfort. All Pillow-Fight products are backed by our sleep trials, so if you're not comfortable, you may return them at no cost to you!