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Essential Oil Scent

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Aromatherapy sprays enhance any pillow and bring calming, sleep-inviting and deep-breathing scents to any sleep environment. Made with all-natural essential oils, these aromatherapy sprays can be spritzed directly on pillows, mattresses and bedding for natural relaxation.

Description, Materials, Care

  • Spray directly onto pillows and bedding to promote relaxation
  • Enhance your sleep environment and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy
  • 2 oz. spritzer bottle contains no artificial scents or colors
  • Pleasing, natural scents used for calming and sleep
  • Made with real essential oils
  • Relaxing scents to refresh pillows
  • 2 oz. spray bottle
  • Contains all-natural essential oils

Shipping, Warranty, Returns

Sleep Trial

The Aromatherapy Sprays are backed with our 30 Night Risk Free sleep trial. This means you can use the product and if it is not meeting your expectations, just contact to initiate an exchange or refund.


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The Aromatherapy Sprays come with a 1-year limited warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I notice buildup on my products if I use the spray often?

The sprays do contain natural oils that can begin to build up over time. We recommend you frequently wash your linens and pillow covers if you are a daily user of the sprays. 

Wil the sprays help me sleep better? 

Many customers report that the soothing aroma comforts them at night and helps them fall asleep faster. Every person is different however, so give it a try! 

Is this product made by Pillow Fight?

Pillow Fight manufactures our own pillows (The Knockout™ and the Haymaker™), our own mattresses (The TKO™ medium-plush and medium-firm), and our own Aloe Very™ Linens.  Pillow Fight partners with a few other companies to complete our premium bedding portfolio.  This product and many of our "Bells and Whistles" are made by third party companies that we carefully curated based on the quality of their product lineup.

Why Should I join Pillow Fight Club? 

Join Pillow Fight Club and you'll recieve 2 FRESH, new pillows every year AND you'll save an average of 20% on all our other bedding products! 

The Pillow-Fight Promise

We are asking you to Invest in your Rest™. Every product on our site has a risk-free sleep trial.  Notably, our mattress includes a 100 night risk-free sleep trial.  We hope you love our products, but if you're not 100% satisfied, return them at no cost to you!