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Should you replace your pillows? Yes. Will you remember? Probably not.

Join Pillow-Fight Club and we'll send you new pillows every year. 


Why Buy Our Pillows?

Are you looking for a long-term relationship? Our pillows are the way to go. They keep you comfortable and snuggle you up, with zero headaches, guaranteed. 

It's said all relationships have their ups and downs- but not with our pillows. This is the type of close ''friend'' that keeps your head up and your mind strong. Ready to face the day and anyone who gets in your way. 

The only fight you might ever have is a pillow fight with your loved one. Don't worry, our pillows aren't jealous at all - all they want is for you to be happy. 

Also, you'll no longer need coffee in your life. After all, sleeping in the clouds every night will make you wake up feeling more energized than ever. You'll have everyone wondering what pill you might be on. You can tell them it's ''all-natural''. 

Our pillows don't bring you breakfast to bed, it's true. What they do give you is a good reason to stay in bed. If you're a chronic bed lover you might need to take caution when using our pillows - they're highly addictive. 

Side effects may include wanting to cancel Sunday brunch or avoiding movie nights past 11 pm. Nothing major to worry about - all you'll need is those 9 hours of rest, just between you and your pillow

Yes, we know. No pillow is the same. All pillows are different. That's why it's so important to find your ''perfect match''. One that always has your back - and neck - no matter what shape you like or how firm you want it to be. Soft to touch, tall and slim, well-cushioned. Whichever pillow fits your measures, we've got it. 

Quality is a guarantee because we're sleep addicts just like we hope you are. We wouldn't want this to be all talk and beauty. No shallow promises here. Our sleep is our top priority in life and so should be yours. Did you know the greatest ideas always come out of a well-rested head? 

Who would say a true knockout could be such a great thing? If you've never experienced it before, you have no idea of what you're missing in life. Better late than never, they say! If you join Pillow Fight Club today you still have many decades to recover. Feeling 10 years younger almost instantaneously? The secret lies in our pillows

And if you're thinking pillows are a static thing that can only be useful in a bed, you couldn't be more clueless. We have the one and only solution for you to fall asleep in any moving transportation. Trains, cars, planes, buses - as long as you're not the one driving, of course. 

Check out our Cooling Gel Infused Travel Pillow that makes you keep your cool on any long drive. No more waking up 5 times every hour because it's too hot or too cold. This pillow keeps you just under the right temperature, and mood. 

If you want this to be your little secret, we promise not to tell anyone. But we can guarantee you it'll be hard to hide it. You'll find yourself wishing and daydreaming about bedtime.