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Best Pillow I have Owned

Remarkable good pillow for a side sleeper. Don't waste your money on other brands (especially MyPillow).

So glad I did

Happy that I signed up months ago when they first started their business. I got two wonderful pillows, fast delivery, and I get 2 new ones every year at a great price. I haven’t woke up with neck and shoulder pain since I’ve used these pillows at night, and have experienced pain for 6 years.

Soft and huggable

My husband and I love our new Knockout Premium Down Alternative pillows. They are soft enough to cuddle and firm enough to keep their shape. We're ready to try a couple more models!

Super comfy with great support

It feels indeed like a down, gusseted pillow. Got them for my own room and guest room. My daughter commented how nice the new pillows were. Only flaw was there was a lot of stuffing on the outside of the pillows on unwrapping, used a lint roller to remove.

Great Pillow

As a side-sleeper, I have trouble finding a comfortable pillow. I finally have a pillow that ensures me a good nights sleep.

Love the Haymaker!

Bought the set of Haymakers and signed up for the yearly renewal. These pillows are so comfortable and soft. The other thing I love, is they didn't smell weird! I've bought pillows or bedding in the past that had that weird manufacturing smell. They are plump and sturdy, yet so soft.

Best Mattress on the Market

No need for a 30 day trial, I knew from the first night sleeping on this mattress that I’d love it. I’m a back sleeper & my spouse is a side sleeper. The topper is soft enough to confirm to both our sleep styles. Paired with the knockout down alternative pillows, I got the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. I’m so glad I found this company.

Shipping was super fast. We’ll packaged. Easy to set up. Great customer service.

Thank you Pillow Fight!


This mattress is amazing.
When it arrives it is hard to believe it will expand into a full size mattress, but it does.
It is very comfortable and best of all we don't get drawn to the center of it which we encountered in another brand of mattress.
This mattress is heavy and when expanded it is dead weight.
Having it in place before unsealing it will make life easier.
If you are on the fence about a mattress in a box all I can say is you have to feel it to believe it.
I would buy again.

If I could HUG the manufacturers I would!

This review is 100000% honest and true and there’s no fluff or fabrication added, this is the BEST mattress I’ve owned in my lifetime and I honestly mean that. My husband and I were on the search for a new mattress when we ran across this one.

The memory foam aspect is just amazing in terms of comfort. The bed has just the right amount of plush vs firm. I literally overslept the first night we slept on it and was late for work. NO EXAGGERATION.

Congratulations to this company!! You’ve unlocked the mattress cheat code.

Super Comfy!

This TKO king mattress replaced another name brand foam mattress that cost more. After sleeping on this we greatly prefer the TKO mattress. Came well packed. The box was pretty beaten up but that's not surprising considering this is a king mattress and heavy. Cut the plastic open and the mattress started to expand immediately. NO bad smell like other mattresses! That is a huge thing. We let it expand for about 8-10 hours and put sheets on it and put it on the bed. This is one comfortable mattress! This is medium plush and it is perfect. Not to firm and not too soft. We are very pleased with this mattress!!

So Comfortable!

We love our new mattress. It came in an easy to handle, relatively small box with the mattress vacuum sealed inside. It was easy, kinda fun to open as the mattress expanded based on how large of a hole that was cut into the vacuum bag to let the air in. My husband and son started with a small hole and then laughed as they quickly decide to make the holes bigger to see the bed spring into its plushy shape as air rushes in. It’s a super comfortable mattress, we are VERY happy and will be buying another in the near future.


I wanted to get a couple nights of rest on the bed before doing a review. First, this is like sleeping on clouds. I’m sure technology gets better and better with these mattresses as the years go by, but this one is just perfect. It really takes shape to your body.
On my old mattress I would toss and turn a lot throughout the night, but I noticed within dressed a few nights of using this mattress that I’m not doing so as much anymore. I assume that has something to do with the comfort. Another plus is that you have 100 nights to try the mattress and then if you don’t like it I guess you could return it which is pretty cool. Based on my experience you won’t have to worry about returning it; I definitely say this new mattress is a good investment.

Exceptional Quality and Design...

Exceptional quality and design leads to a better night sleep. I'm a heavy sleeper naturally, but with this 12 inch luxury mattress, I don't want to get out of bed. Seriously, the cool porous memory foam keeps by body cool. I love the comfort of memory foam, but usually don't like it on my mattresses because of the heat it generates. This mattress stays cool to the touch even now with summer weather.

The outer cover feels soft too. The zipper cover is a great idea too.

I do use this on an adjustable bed frame and for how thick the mattress is it works great.

Overall, I have been using this for several weeks now. The mattress doesn't dimple down and it still feels as good as the first night. This mattress is exceptional, and I have slept on a lot of mattresses.

WOW! No more body aches!

I've only owned and slept on traditional spring mattresses. The most recent one my husband I had was getting old with some broken springs. We would both wake up with aching backs/hips, etc. We were a little nervous to try this memory foam one but are so glad we did. We've finally been getting good rest and not waking up achy. I've even noticed that I get up less in the middle the night - probably because I've been getting better quality sleep. This mattress is seriously a game changer. Also, I was told that memory foam can get hot, but perhaps it's the hypnoflow cooling technology used, but I find this mattress to be just fine temperature wise (and it's summer here in HI!) The only drawback of this mattress is that it's dang heavy - comes in at a whopping 91 lbs! You may need some help moving this around. Other than that, such a great buy!

No More Night Sweats or Snoring...Sleeping SO MUCH BETTER!

It was time for us to get a new mattress and we went with the TKO premium memory foam w/cooling mattress, medium firm, king size mattress. Let me tell you, we chose well!

This is a vacuum sealed mattress. It arrived with no issues. Set up is easy. My goodness...when they say the mattress stays nice and cool, they're not kidding! It is WONDERFUL! I tend to get hot easily and its worse now that summer heat and humidity is upon us on a daily basis. Even with the central air conditioning running all the time, I still wake up overheated some mornings. Scratch that...I USED to wake up overheated. I just slept my 10th night on this mattress and not once have I been hot and sweaty in the morning when the alarm goes off. I stay blessedly cool all night long. That alone is fantastic but when you factor in how comfortable this mattress is, I can honestly say I've been sleeping better than ever. I've had nights when I climb into bed, sink down into the mattress and feel pure bliss. My husband has not been tossing and turning nearly as much as he normally does thanks to the mattress . He too is sleeping more soundly and his snoring, thankfully has decreased.

Great Value

Very comfortable mattress! The mattress was delivered quickly with no issues. I plan on buying another mattress for my daughter when she needs a new one

Best value for memory foam mattress online

Fantastic mattress for memory foam shipped in a box. Super-compact box. Purchased for my rental unit that needs to take a ton of use/abuse. Great comfort and superior construction. This will surely hold up for a very long time. Also, received great customer service from the Pillow-Fight team as I was asking about the right model to choose. Very fast shipping. Really like their commitments to sustainability. Made in the USA a plus.

Truckers Beware!

I’m a trucker and I bought this mattress because I needed a new mattress. I usually wake up a couple times in the night to do my business. I slept so soundly that my bladder had to wake me up saying if you don’t go now your going to explode. Holy crap no tossing or turning. Thank you so much for making this product!

Super comfortable for my back

These work really well and so far are much better for my back support. They are not super firm or super soft but the top layer is definitely on the softer side. I rally like them so far and again they are a much cheaper alternative to some overpriced name brands out there and would definitely recommend this one first

The Holy Grail!

Let me start by saying that I rarely review anything, and that I would not review this either if I didn’t feel that I’ve just found the holy grail of mattresses! Seriously, I’ve been searching my whole life for a mattress that perfectly balanced the right amount of smoosh with the right amount of support. This is it! It just replaced a mattress more than four times it’s cost and I haven’t looked back. It’s perfect!
You know that whole “cooling technology” thing that every high end mattress company boasts about, but you’ve never actually felt it? Yeah, I finally felt it! This has it! It really works! I’m snuggled in the softest memory foam, yet supported perfectly, and all while feeling the rush of coolness just beneath my skin. I don’t know how they did it, but they did it, couldn’t be happier!!!

LOVE these pillows!

We recently bought these pillows as ours were old. I was looking for a Made in America brand so I jumped at the chance to try a new company that supported that, plus I love William LeGate! We absolutely love these pillows, they're dreamy.

Very comfortable, looks and feels of a good quality

A bit thicker than I need, but it is adjustable, so not a problem. Thank you

The perfect pillow!

When I first opened these pillows, I failed to see what was so impressive about them to have gained so many 5 star reviews. I threw some pillow slips on them & tossed them on my bed anyways. That night, the sleep was epic!These are literally the most comfortable pillows I have ever slept on. Regardless if I’m on my side, back or stomach, the pillow feels absolutely comfortable. It’s like sleeping on a cloud! It’s been about a month & neither pillow feels flat & I am yet to fluff one.These pillows should be a necessity to everyone!

Finally a pillow that works well

Nice comfortable pillows. These came in absolutely stuffed and had to remove about 1/3 of the inside material from each pillow. They still hold their shape well and happy to have the material to add back in once they start to wear out. They're expensive but you get what you pay for. I expect these will last especially with being able to add more material back in.

These are quite something, in a good way.

The packaging is really nice and so it's the PILLOW FIGHT CLUB thing lol. I don't know how to explain this but the pillows feel heavy but also light. they are very form fitting and definitely keep you cool. I used them last night and they were extremely comfortable. I did not remove any of the filling like they recommend and they were a perfect size. They feel great! I have about 6 pillows on my bed usually but this morning these 2 and one more pillow were on my bed. I love pillows so I try and select the best pillows because I am trying to always get the best nights rest so I am super satisfied with these. Nothing but net.

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