Free Shipping and Returns
100-Night Risk Free Sleep Trial
Product Savings up to 40%
0% APR Financing Options Available
  • Free Shipping and Returns
  • 100-Night Risk Free Sleep Trial
  • Product Savings up to 40%
  • 0% APR Financing Options Available

How Does It Work?

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You don't wanna know what's in there. Dump it!

A 10 oz pillow can double in weight over 3 years...

Membership Details

Pillow-Fight Club is a new and innovative bedding membership, and pays for itself, making it an easy decision for sleepers obsessed with getting the most out of their bedding. Included in your $99 membership: 

2 Pillows of your choice. 

  • Choose 2 pillows that we send to you now
  • When you renew your membership in 1 year, we'll send you 2 more pillows to refresh your existing pillows
  • Either donate your old pillows, or put them in another room in your house 

Savings on all products sold at

  • On average, products will be 20% cheaper to our members, but up to 40% on select products.

Free Shipping (excluding Alaska and Hawaii at this time unfortunately)

VIP offers to Members 

Shipping, Warranty, Returns

Sleep Trial

All Pillow-Fight products are backed  with our 30 Night Risk Free sleep trial. Better yet our mattresses are backed by 100 nights to try them out to ensure they work for you. This means you can sleep on any product you buy and if they are not meeting your expectations, just use the chat feature on our website to initiate an exchange or refund.


Pillow Fight Club members never pay for shipping, except in Alaska and Hawaii


Products are warrantied during the membership period.  Your membership lasts 1 year and auto renews unless you've contacted Pillow-Fight in advance to cancel your membership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell in stores? 

We currently sell exclusively online. To help familiarize customers with our products and what sets them apart, we created a number of informative product videos available to watch on our website, YouTube, and other social channels. Combined with ample first hand customer reviews and our 30 & 100 Night Sleep Trial options, you can rest easy in more ways than one with every purchase. 

Do Pillows need to be replaced every year? 

Over time, your pillow will accumulate allergens like dust mites, fungus, mold, and pet dander that contribute to worsening health. The materials also break down and become less comfortable over time. Don't spend 1/3 of your life being uncomfortable. 

Should I use a Pillow Case? 

That's probably a good idea. It's much easier to wash a pillow case than a pillow. A good pillow case will keep you cool and preserve the life of your pillow. If you haven't tried out a Pillow-Fight pillow case you are missing out. They are ridiculously soft, don't wrinkle in the wash, and use a patent pending elastic design to ensure the pillow case stays on your pillow throughout the night.