Aloe Very™️ 1000 Thread Count Sheets

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Our 1000 thread count sheets ensures the highest possible quality. These sheets are built to last with unparalleled comfort.  These sheets are derived partially from recycled materials, creating a more sustainable manufacturing process, while adding increased wrinkle resistance vs standard cotton sheets.  Additionally, this patented manufacturing process creates a fabric that helps absorb moisture more efficiently to help your body feel cool and dry for a comfortable night's sleep.  Finally, our nano-technology process infuses our sheets with Aloe-Vera.  Studies have shown that Aloe-Vera can promote healthier, more restful sleep.  Set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases.

Description, Materials & Care

Sheets are comprised of a premium cotton, recycled polyester, and Aloe-Vera fibers.  These various fabrics come together to make a linen product that is super soft and comfortable, HIGHLY resistant to wrinkles, and great for cool, healthy sleep!

Set includes, fitted, flat, and two pillow cases

55% Premium Cotton

45% Recycled Polyester (Sustainable Production Process)

Nanotechnology Infused Aloe Vera Fibers throughout entire sheet set

Machine Wash Warm

Shipping, Warranty, Returns

Sleep Trial

The Aloe Very linen set is backed with our 30 Night Risk Free sleep trial. This means you can use the product and if it is not meeting your expectations, just contact us via the web chat feature to initiate an exchange or refund.


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The Aloe Very Linens come with a 1-year limited warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aloe Vera Infused?  Do these sheets come "moist"?

No way! I'm sure we can all agree that "moist" is one of the worst words of any global language.  We want nothing to do with it.  In fact, these materials help to wick moisture and are in no way responsible for creating it!  The Aloe Vera plant fibers are infused throughout the sheet set.

Do these sheets sleep cool?

Absolutely! These sheets are designed using a premium cotton as the majority fabric, which ensures breathability, while also using sustainably produced polyester to add wrinkle resistance while still delivering high quality airflow.

Do these really promote skin health?

The merits of Aloe Vera for skin health have been studied extensively, as we are sure you are aware.  By infusing these linens with Aloe Vera fibers, we take advantage of the various benefits that have been extensively studied.  

Why should I join Pillow-Fight Club? 

Join Pillow Fight Club and you'll recieve 2 FRESH, new pillows every year AND you'll save an average of 20% on all our other bedding products! 

Don't Go to War over Aloe Very Sheets

Priced to outfit every room in the house, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of our Aloe Very™ product line!
Aloe Vera Infused
1000 Thread-Count
Sustainably Made
Wrinkle Free
  • Aloe Vera Infused
  • 1000 Thread-Count
  • Sustainably Made
  • Wrinkle Free

The Pillow-Fight Promise

We are asking you to Invest in your Rest™. Every product on our site has a risk-free sleep trial.  Notably, our mattress includes a 100 night risk-free sleep trial.  We hope you love our products, but if you're not 100% satisfied, return them at no cost to you! 

What Makes Aloe Sheets Great?

What if we told you our aloe sheets are the equivalent of a revitalizing body mask that you can wear every night? We know it sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. 

It's common sense that sleeping helps regenerate the body cells and it's essential for a sane life. What you might not know, though, is that not all sleep is the same. Some people have access to a privilege called invigorating sleep. Yes, that's exactly it. When sleeping is done right, you can actually wake up feeling younger. 

Our aloe sheets will help you with that and much more. They're the superheroes of restfulness. They keep your body cool and dry throughout the night, so forget about covering and uncovering yourself every single hour. You don't need that anymore. With our aloe sheets, you can just let go and...relax. 

And because you'll wake up feeling better and younger, life will also become easier. It's almost as if with our aloe sheets you'll start living in a romantic comedy musical. One of those where the main character wakes up one day feeling better than ever. You can hear birds chirping, see a sunny day outside, and have hot coffee waiting for you on the table. Even if you live alone - that's where the magic is. Dancing with strangers in the streets is a possibility and all talks will sound like songs. 

We know, it's exaggerated, but this is exactly how well you can feel when you sleep right. Especially when you give your body exactly what it needs to get there. 

The best part about all this is that you'd actually be a silent superhero, slowly saving the world. After all, our aloe sheets are friends with the environment because they're made of recycled materials. 

It's all about getting your life better and easier. Did we tell you that you no longer need to take hours ironing your bed sheets? With our aloe sheets that's a worry of the past, as they come with higher wrinkle resistance. 

With so many perks waiting for you, what exactly are you waiting for? Every night you let pass by is one less opportunity to enjoy the sleep of your life. One that will put you resting so deep that anyone who sees you will think you're part of a species that hibernates. 

Aren't there any side effects? You may be wondering. Yes, as everything that feels too good to be true. Those include a high possibility of drooling, sleeping in a fetal position... and falling in love with your bedsheets. 

Other than that, these are really just great aloe sheets that provide you with the ultimate way of sleeping. You can thank us later, when you feel so well rested you'll want to carry them like a cloak everywhere you go. 

Exclusively available at Pillow Fight and at a discounted price if you join our not-so-secret club. Grab the cucumber slices, the facial mask, and the ''do not disturb'' sign. You'll then be all ready to lay on the best sheets your body will ever find!